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Boxer Briefs

Daily posts featuring beautiful young guys model in their underwear before stripping naked and having gay sex.



Posted | December 19, 2013 in category

20 yr old ex high school wresting star JJ Masters is one amazing young stud with his cute boyish grin, chiseled chest and broad shoulders. After dropping his jeans JJ teases us in his underwear a bit before getting completely naked for us. His amazing body is nearly hairless and very tone with muscles. After pulling off his boxers JJ sits with his smooth legs spread on the bed and strokes his now plump dick. Soon this young hunk shoots a powerful cumshot up over his shoulders!




Posted | April 29, 2013 in category

It is Straight Southern Boys like Corbin that are the inspiration behind sites like Southern Strokes. Corbin is a 21 year old Southern Boy from deep in the South. With blonde hair, beautiful Green eyes and a ripped hard body this stud is the complete package. Corbin is 100% straight but he doesn't mind showing off his hard work even if it's for other men to enjoy.

Corbin is work for college at his local Abercrombie and Fitch where he is employed as a model and that is where he was discovered by the Southern Strokes scouts. They tell how if wasn't that hard to convince this boy to do some nude modeling and jerk off for us. He arrived at the shoot in blue jeans and a wife beater t.

Once the shoot got started it didn't take long for Corbin to get shirtless and stripped down to his underwear. This blond boy modeled on the steps in his Hollister underwear before stripping down naked and jerking his dick right there on the steps.




Posted | November 21, 2012 in category

Today I wanted to share this new adorable curly haired blond boy from Broke Straight Boys who is curling quite the stir in our jeans. Carson Hawk is one sexy slender young man with a cute boyish face and a body of our dreams. Once out of his underwear Carson is hard in seconds and sporting a nice sized dick and wonderful low hanging balls.

While jerking off this blond stud turns over in bed to share with us his nice perfectly round ass. All horned up from all the dick yanking Carson jerks himself to a amazing climax that you just have to witness for yourself!



Posted | June 02, 2012 in category

Today I have to share with you a very hot new fratmen model named Bradley. His guy is the total package with a very handsome face and a perfectly muscular body from head to toe. Once out of his jean Bradley teases us a bit in his boxer briefs. Once he is naked we get to watch as Bradley takes his showers, giving us quite a hot steamy show!

Watch The Preview Of Bradley In The Shower Here



Posted | May 16, 2012 in category

This time you're getting a very intimate look at an incredibly sexy dude named Vinny Castillo. Vinny is in the garage, putting a little spit-shine on his ATV. As he works, the temperature heats up, inspiring Vinny to take off his shirt. He's getting close to being finished, but his cock is just perking up.

Since he's put in some good, hard work on his vehicle, Vinny's gonna reward himself by putting in a little work on that swollen dick in his pants. Watch him pull out his huge, meaty boner and stroke it in damp, garage heat. Join Vinny as he works himself up to an extremely sensual peak, letting out the built-up tension from a day of diligent labor. Enjoy!

Watch Hairy Stud Vinny Castillo's Entire Video Here



Posted | January 02, 2012 in category

Watch Gill's Entire Dick Jerking Scene Here

Gill has never been in front of the camera naked before so he looked to be a bit nervous and unsure what to do. It doesn't take this cute boy long to get the hang of showing off his body and is soon drops his briefs giving us a nice look at his beautiful lean body. Gill then managed to work his delicious uncut meat into a wonderful big fat boner. When asked to show his ass, Gill didn't show any hesitation in turning over and spreading his young hairy ass cheeks.  



Posted | December 10, 2011 in category

Download Angel's Amazing Debut Porn Video On CollegeDudes

For this weekend I thought I would bring you one of the hottest new men to the porn scene that I have seen in quite sometime. Angel Rock is just 20 years old and has a buff body, a handsome smile and of course we can't forget about that thick uncut dick of his. For this being his debut gay porn video Angel was surprisingly eager to strip naked for us. Angel started by stripping off his tight t-shirt exposing his chiseled torso. Being a bit of a tease Angel slowly drops his tight jeans and models in just his gray boxers that have one great bulging package. He then inches down his underwear stripper style and out pops his already hard manhood. That was just the start of his awesome solo show as he begins to work up a sweat jerking off in a all different heart-pounding positions before ending with a huge climax. This is one sexy hunk of a young man! Enjoy!



Posted | August 10, 2011 in category

Find Daniel's Nut Busting Video Preview Here

If you like your meat dark then today's blog post featuring Daniel Press is really going to give you some movement in your pants. This handsome twink is 19 and has a beautiful lean muscular that he's eager to show to us all. Daniel gives us a tease as he strips off his cloths letting us slowly see more and more of his dark sexy body, all with that seductive come-hither look on his face. Daniel teases us even more when he pulls down the back of his jean so we can view his amazing hairy bubble butt. When he finally gets down to his gray boxer briefs we get to see what is to come as his dick grows inside his underwear.

Daniel finished teasing and was ready to give us the good as he finally got fully naked and we get to check out his thick black dick. He gives us a very impressive jerk-off scene and in the end even delivers a cum-shot that Daniel says is one of the largest he had ever shot. 



Posted | July 29, 2011 in category

Visit ChaosMen For More From Roger's Solo Jerking Scene

Today's post features a real cutie named Roger who is a little shy but still excited to jerk off for us. This new model on the ChaosMen site really caught my attention with his boyish good looks and beautiful milky white skin. Roger is 20 and works as a car mechanic but he looks a bit younger then his true age. While watching a straight porn video on the TV Roger first strips off his shirt and we get the first glimpse of this kids gorgeous twink torso.

Roger next drops his shorts to expose his tight blue boxer briefs that display his package quite nicely. Finally he slowly removes his underwear and we are treated to his delicious looking cock that is nestled nicely in his natural unshaved light brown pubes. From there it only takes Roger a few strokes to work-up a nice sized boner for us.

Roger gives us a nice solo exhibition show that at one point has him bent over jerking his shaft from between his legs as we enjoy the view of his magnificent bubble butt and slightly hairy hole. I hope you enjoy today's post as much as I enjoyed sharing a few of Roger's pictures with you.



Posted | June 28, 2011 in category

See Darius's Amazing Solo And First Time Gay Oral Video Here

Today I have a young hairy hottie for you all to enjoy. Darius has a great personality and a awesome all natural body. I seems Darius is a bit of a exhibitionist and the moment the camera is filming him he immediately starts to strip off his clothes without even being asked. Once he is shirtless we get a nice look at his beautiful hairy muscular chest and beautiful ripped abs that are divided by a thick hairy happy trail leading down into his shorts.

Finally Darius unzips his shorts to expose his gray bulging boxer briefs. Being ever the show off Darius then pulls down the front of his underwear and out flops his wonderful manhood that is nestled nicely in thick black pubes. Once Darius is fully naked we get to see just how much of an true exhibitionist he truly is. He entertains us with a awesome solo show that includes a view of his hairy virgin ass hole and an explosive cum soaked ending.  



Posted | May 16, 2011 in category

See A Samle Video Of Brice In Action Here

I could hardly wait to share with you this new fine male specimen I just found on the Straight Fraternity site! Brice is his name and this guy has to be the hottest guy I have seen all weekend. He is just 22 and this handsome boy not only has a stunningly gorgeous body he also has a naughty side to him. This college student may look all clean-cut but after you watch his debut solo porn video you will see like I did that his innocent looks are quite deceiving.

In his pre-shoot interview Brice tells us about the first time he seen another guys dick and about the gayest thing he ever did with another guy. Let just say that some strange things happen when horny college guys get drunk and get naked. Brice started out the shoot in a t-shirt and shorts but wasted little time in stripping those off. Next thing we know he is wearing nothing more then a nice tight form fitting pair of black boxer-briefs that look very sexy on his tan and toned body.

Brice then proceeds to pull down his underwear so we can get a preview of his nice package. Once totally naked Brice bends over the back of the couch to give us a nice view of his flawless bubble butt. The scar on his right ass cheek just makes him look even hotter. Brice even dares to to spread those perfect ass cheeks to let us see his nice pink man hole. Once he is back sitting down on the couch Brice starts working up a pretty impressive boner as he fists his dick.

After a delicious jerk off session Brice finally reaches his climax. On the edge of cumming Brice moans out sexy whimpers and blast out a nice big cum shot onto his chest. After he has climaxed we get a real clue as to just how naughty his is when the producer asks him to take a taste of his own cum. Brice wipes his fingers through his cum and licks off every last drop from his fingers all with a naughty smile on his face. Enjoy!



Posted | May 05, 2011 in category

See More From Rusty's Return Video Here

Today I have the pleasure of sharing with you a cute southern boy named Rusty. Rusty did a debut solo on the Southern Strokers two years ago at the tender age of 18. Now fresh out of college Rusty returned for another shot at doing gay porn and this time he says he is open to trying some anal play. That is music to my ears and I can't wait to see this cute twink with a sexy southern accent in action with another guy. It's funny how young guys can just out of the blue want to try having gay sex when not long ago Rusty claimed he was 100% straight. 

Rusty started by stripping off his shirt giving us a nice look at his smooth chest while he rubbed down his torso and edged his hand down into his pants. He then stripped off his pants and started rubbing on his dick through his boxer briefs. Rust then pulled down the front of his boxers to show us his soft dick just before working it up to a nice big boner. Once Rusty undressed he quickly started jerking at his large dick. While jerking on his dick we got a sign of just how serious he was about trying anal sex as he started sliding his middle finger in and out of his tight little asshole. 

See just how much Rusty was enjoying his finger made me wonder if he had already started experimenting with men while away at college the last two years. Rusty let out some sensual moans as he finger fucked himself and jacked off. It wasn't long before his tight young body started to tense and he was breathing very heavy. Finally with a intense jerk of his body he pumped out a nice creamy white load out onto his tight smooth abs. Rusty looked totally spent from his intense self pleasuring session and he eased back into the couch with a cute smile on his face. I will keep you posted on my blog the moment Rusty returns for his anal play scene.



Posted | May 02, 2011 in category

Now Watch Chandler's Amazing Solo Scene Here

At almost 19 years old Chandler is quite a stunner with his cute smile, curly black hair and jaw-dropping x-large cock! As Chandler strips down to his black boxers we get a better looks at his fit bod, amazing smooth twink chest and long sexy hairy legs. Even before he is totally naked it was clear this boy was really packing a huge schlong in those undies.

Finally he reach in and pulls out his amazing 9 inch slightly curved delicious piece of manhood from his boxers. Chandler really seems to know what he is doing in front of the camera and gives a amazing sexy solo show for us to enjoy. One of my favorite parts was watching him bend over and jerk his meat while showing off his beautiful hairy bubble butt for us. You really won't want to miss seeing this stunning curly haired twink in action.



Posted | March 17, 2011 in category

Watch More From Kellan's Video Here

Handsome with an infectious smile are just two of the great things about this new Corbin Fisher addition. Kellan is his name and something about this boy just drove me wild and I couldn't hardly wait to share him with you here on my blog. In this his first solo video Kellan starts by pulling off his shirt to reveal his beefy muscular chest and amazing tight abs. After some flexing of his sexy torso muscles Kellan unzips his tight jeans and he get treated to a nice package in his boxer briefs.

Once inside in the weight room Kellan pulls down his underwear to reveal his delicious veiny cock that is already rock hard. After showing off a bit he grasp a hold of his manhood and starts slowing stroking off. Kellan gives quite an amazing first time solo scene in the weight room and then in the shower which inevitably leads to a fountain of a cum shot that leaves he plasted in his own jizz.


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