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Daily posts featuring beautiful young guys model in their underwear before stripping naked and having gay sex.



Posted | August 03, 2012 in category

Here's a short little animated clip that I thought was so hot that you all would enjoy it as well. Love the way those briefs tent with those big twink cocks.



Posted | March 29, 2012 in category

I'm sure most of you have dreamed of copping a feel of that sexy friend or even total stranger that you seen. This scene brings that fantasy to life. Tony is sound asleep when is friend can't restrain himself any longer and moves in for a little feel of his buds amazing smooth body. Soon his hands find their way down into his undies where he works his friend up a nice big boner.



Posted | January 23, 2012 in category

Could you turn down this car wash offer? I know I would be the first in line to have these six sexy men wash down my car in their undies! Washing the car isn't enough for a few of these men and they turn their hoses onto each other. It isn't long before this car wash gets very gay and all the guys get very wet! Wiggle wiggle wiggle those wet bulges for us boys!



Posted | December 24, 2011 in category

Hope you all have a fabulous holiday! Here's a sexy little holiday video from Andrew Christian featuring the hot underwear model Mike Munich and other delishious men all with their packages bulging!  



Posted | November 14, 2011 in category

So today I have a tall sexy straight guy to share with you in a video. Scott was discovered on a hook-up site looking for a girl with some money. Instead found out that he could show his sexy body and get paid to jerk off. Scott is a handsome 22 year old and after getting over a bit of nervousness stripped down to his tight white undies and began to work up and nice boner to share with us. When he finally pulled off his briefs Scott gave us a nice dick jerking. In a pleasant surprise to me Scott then balled-up his underwear and stuffed them in his face right before blasting out a gusher of cum for us.



Posted | October 11, 2011 in category

Watch More From The Newest Frat Pad Studs Here

Check out all these fine asses that belong to some stunning frat boys, all packaged neatly in those tight briefs. Of course my personal favorite is the last guy in the thong showing off his cute bubble butt cheeks. The Frat Pad always deliverers with handsome college studs performing on the house cams in and out of their underwear.



Posted | September 23, 2011 in category ,

Super sexy Brazilian model Bernardo Velasco strips down for a photo shoot for The Boy. Except if he where maybe naked, I can't imagine this hunk looking any more sexy then he does wearing these red Aussiebum briefs with water streaming down his amazing ripped body. Enjoy Boys!



Posted | August 15, 2011 in category

Today I wanted to share with you the newest video from "The Gay Pimp" Jonny McGovern. His new music video features loads of arousing nerdy boys shirtless and wearing sexy snug fitting briefs. The nerds in this video really have it going on!



Posted | July 25, 2011 in category

Those long days in the office would be near as boring if Frank Fox was your office assistant. Frank his one stunning young hunk complete with handsome good looks, a hard ripped chest and of course a amazing long dick that is sure to please any cock hungry bottom. In Frank's video he drops his pants and unbuttons his shirt to have a little fun in the office after hours. He fondles his growing dick inside his briefs before finally stripping them off for an intense jerk of his long uncut meat.



Posted | May 19, 2011 in category

Theirs not much sexier then two beautiful young men wrestling around. In this YouTube video we find America and Alex tossing each other around and groping at each other's muscular bodies in nothing more then their boxers. This hot wrestling scene is the lead up to a amazing hardcore scene where America gives his first ever gay blow job to the lucky Alex Andrews.



Posted | January 17, 2011 in category

If your a fan of cute twinks then your gonna love cult filmmaker David DeCoteau's newest film 1313: NIGHTMARE MANSION. I have watched a few of his campy horror films in the past and while the acting is always horrible, the eye candy always more then makes up for it. His films always have a gay twist and always features plenty of barely clothed boys. So if your a fan of either of these, you may want to check out this movie even if it is just for it's camp value. If you don't get a hardon from all the young guys your sure to get a good laugh!



Posted | October 12, 2010 in category ,

Underwear is taken to the next level with the invention of the CockSox. They leave little to the imagination and look to offer great support, hugging every curve of the wearer's manhood beneath. I have yet to try them out but they sure do look sexy on the men in this video.



Posted | September 07, 2010 in category

I found this little gem of a video and just had to share it with you. I know it's not exactly an underwear video but I think your gonna love it. Gay porn star duo Reeese Rideout and Chip Tanner of RandyBlue are sick of YouTube's gender inequality in their banning clothed erotic dance videos featuring men but not videos of women.

I have also noticed this trend by YouTube and I'm glad there pointing it out. Lets all show these guys our support. Speaking of support or lack there of, checkout that crazy flopping bulge on Chip! It looks as if he is wearing loose briefs under those tight shorts but if anything will get this video flagged it's his out of control pecker which threatens to pop out from his short shorts at any minute. Oh well, it makes for a pretty damn sexy video while it lasts. Hope you love it!



Posted | August 03, 2010 in category

I wanted to share this new youtube video featuring some ruggedly beautiful men from the Italian World Cup Football team. This is a backstage video of the guys getting made-up for the new ad campaign featuring Dolce & Gabbana's new Calcio underwear. The ad shows the five hot jocks in the locker room shower stall modeling the sexy new D&G briefs.



Posted | July 01, 2010 in category

In todays post I have a hot video for you all. In this video Jordan and Aaron start making out then Jordan reaches into Aaron's boxers pulls out his rock hard meat and starts sensually sucking on his shaft. Aaron can see the bulge in Jordan's underwear getting larger and larger and is excited to see the monster this sexy twink is hiding inside. Jordan then whips out his nine-inch uncut boner and Aaron wastes no time seeing just how far he can get it down his throat. Now that Jordan is sporting a huge bone and ready to fuck Aaron jumps on board and lets him plow his beautiful ass with that huge tool. Aaron winces with pain and pleasure as Jordan slams his cock deeper and deeper inside his hole.



Posted | June 27, 2010 in category

A behind the scenes look at a 2009 ad campaign for Undergear featuring Scott Herman. This former "Real World" cast member and celebrity underwear model gives us some amazing looks at his sexy nearly naked body while doing some filming for the Undergear shoot. During the video Scott tells how he prefers wearing briefs while he runs and doing his daily fitness routine.



Posted | May 15, 2010 in category

The above video from Aussiebum was apparently banned from Facebook. The underwear commercial for the AussieBum Classic range features a sweaty construction worker almost nude wearing only his briefs. The muscle stud then proceeds to hose himself down and even shoots water down the front of his undies. Sexy as hell, YES. But is it really that dirty and offensive that they should have banned it?



Posted | April 02, 2010 in category ,

Today we have for you a hot stud that goes by the name Thor Sigurdson (I know kind of a ridiculous name). This blond haired blue eyed cutie has a naturally smooth athletic body looks so damn sexy. You also gotta love that little treasure trail of his leads right down into his AussieBum briefs and straight to the nice meaty cock nested within. Watch him jerk off was awfully damn hot and I just loved how his balls bounce as he spead his hairy legs and stroked his shaft.


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