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Daily posts featuring beautiful young guys model in their underwear before stripping naked and having gay sex.



Posted | December 05, 2013 in category ,

It is obvious that our twinks are in amazing shape and they work hard to stay that way. We happened to catch Andy Taylor and Corey Haynes just finishing up a run on this beautiful day. Andy suggests heading back to his place to cool down and clean up. Corey rubs his hands over Andy's smooth runner's legs and he can't help putting Andy's cock into his mouth. Andy is more than happy to add more cardio to his day by drilling Corey's tight and perfect ass.



Posted | December 05, 2011 in category

A new site I discovered this month is Bound Jocks. The site is great for anyone with a underwear and gay bondage fetish. Gavin Waters is the newest muscle hunk to be featured on the site starting nothing more then just a sexy jockstrap and ropes. The more this ripped guy struggles with the ropes the harder his dick grows inside his jock. Once he's free from the the bondage the first thing Gavin does is unleash his big uncut cock from his jockstrap and jerking off on the table. What an amazing hot scene! 



Posted | July 08, 2011 in category

Watch JP's Entire Dick Jerking Video At FratMen.tv

For today's blog post I could hardly wait to share this young hockey loving jock I stumbled onto. This attractive 19 yr. old jock's name is JP and he is quite a show off whether it's while playing hockey or getting naked for the camera. This adorable jock shows some of his athletic skills before stipping down to just his hockey gear and a bulging white jockstrap. 

Back in boys lockerroom JP models in his jock, giving us a nice look at his beautiful ass that is framed nicely by the straps of his athletic supporter. Once he removes the cup from his jock it's clear he is already pretty aroused. When he sits down on the bench JP's dick pops out the top of his jockstrap and he starts to play with his dick and gives us a peak at his balls through the side. Even though JP was quite stunning looking even in his jock, I could hardly wait to see him completely nude.

Finally JP strips out of all of his hockey gear and head to the showers where we get to watch as he washes down his amazing smooth and toned young body. After we join him for a few strokes in the shower, we next find JP butt naked in bed where he finishes what he started in the shower. Your not gonna want to miss the show that this boy puts on in the bedroom!



Posted | February 09, 2011 in category

Watch Hunter's Amazing Weight Room Jerk off Scene Here

So today I have for you a beautiful 23 yo jock with a amazing swimmers build. Hunter unfortunately for us is straight but he gives a little hope by saying he always wanted to try a threesome. Note that he didn't specify what type of three-way he wanted to try. Lets keep our fingers crossed that it's the kind with at least one other guy involved.

Hunter gives us some very sexy poses before getting down to business. He starts off dawning a nice tight speedo and jumps in the pool for a few laps. Next we catch him in the weight room as he drops his gym shorts to reveal his amazing bulge packed tightly in a sexy jockstrap. Hunter temping us with peeks as he pulls down on the front of his jock. Now for my favorite part, Hunter turns around on the weight bench giving us a astonishing view of his ass while still wearing his jockstrap. 

Hunter finally strips down completely naked and treats us to his stunning lean yet muscular body. Hunters gets to work on jerking his thick cock by spitting on the tip and slowly stroking his meat. As Hunter closes in on his climax beads of sweet form on his sexy smooth body and his breathing becomes more intense. With a final moan his cock erupts in a marvelous gusher of cum landing all over his hot torso. I'm sure your with me in saying, I hope this isn't the last we see of this sexy lean hunk!



Posted | December 19, 2010 in category

See The Full Video Of Franco Playing With His Ass Here

Hot jock Franco J just returned home from a soccer game wearing his sweaty soccer gear. Franco always gets horned-up after a game and decides to do some experimenting on his tight boy-hole. Franco strips out of his gear down to his sweaty jockstrap. I loved watching him play with his bulging jock package before getting fully naked.

Franco then lubes up a big butt plug and his ass and slowly slips it into his virgin ass. Between the moaning and look on his face it is clear that Franco is enjoying the new found pleasure of of ass-play. Now that his manhole is warmed up and stretched Franco moves on to a long vibrator. He loves every minute of it as he slides the vibrator in and out of his ass, all while jerking off.  



Posted | September 28, 2010 in category ,

At just 20 Carson Long couldn't look any attractive then he does here modeling in his sexy Jockstrap. This blond, green eyed, gorgeous muscle man has muscles rippling from every inch of his body. I was totally enamored at the way those underwear straps frame his slightly fuzzy butt cheeks. I can only imagine what he is hiding inside that bulging package he is sporting between those thick thighs. Carson is truly male perfection at it's finest!



Posted | September 10, 2010 in category ,

Today I have for you a super sexy football or soccer jock, depending on which side of the pond your from. Dan Carver is the real deal jock which is very clear when he strips off his shirt and jeans showing off his great muscular definition. In this his first time in front of the camera Dan first models some super sexy package cradling briefs and even slips into a nice pair of jockstraps to frame in his adorable smooth bubble butt. When Dan finally gets completely naked were treated to his nice quite long uncut cock. Dan lies back spreads his thick thighs and starts workin' his shaft up to a nice rock hard boner. I loved watching as every muscle in this boys body tightened as he shot a massive load of cum all over himself. It all made for one absolutely amazing solo video that I could watch over and over again.



Posted | March 21, 2010 in category

Today my readers I have for you Aaron, a hot 22 year-old blond college jock from Ohio. After Aaron pulls down his pants he reveals he is wearing a nice tight pair of orange undergear's. Aaron is straight and tell about his first sexual experience at age 16 where a friend gave him a underwater hummer in the hottub. Aaron admit's that he is always horny and jacks off as much as possible. He also isn't shy about admitting  that he likes his ass licked and played with occasionally. During this solo J/O session he even spreads his legs and works his pink manhole making him cum even faster.



Posted | March 13, 2010 in category

Today I have for you all some new images from the amateur college site HazeHim that features frat hazings, parties and other rituals.  What could be more homo-erotic then three sweaty guys wrestling half naked wearing nothing more then their jockstraps as a group of college men cheer them on. I have always found wresting pretty homoerotic. I mean how couldn't it be? There always seems to be a crotch in someones face or a ass being grabbed. I'm not sure if this video is suppose to be a fraternity hazing or if it is just what a bunch of drunk horny young men do when they get together at a party and no chicks are around. Anyways it looks fun. Doesn't it?



Posted | February 13, 2010 in category

I posted images of Cameron in an older post but I personally think Cameron is such a sexy boy that he deserves a second post. Today I have for my loyal blog readers a video clip of Cameron getting seduced by Michaels. I just can't get enough of seeing men in jock strap and Cameron looks especially appealing. Michael does a awesome job servicing Cameron's cock and he shows is gratitude by squirting out a nice big load! You can find more of Cameron's videos at BoyGusher.



Posted | January 21, 2010 in category

Hey there guys! Today I have a little youtube video of a great new TV show on, believe it or not Spike TV. The show is called Blue Mountain State and is quite funny not to mention it has plenty of exposed male flesh! What could be better. In case you missed the show the above scene features the shows lead character Alan Ritchson and three other young men in nothing but a jock strap. The guys are to race the football field with a cookie between their ass checks. The first person to drop their cookie has to eat it. The last couple seconds of the clip are extremely funny so don't miss it.  


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