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Male Models

Daily posts featuring beautiful young guys model in their underwear before stripping naked and having gay sex.



Posted | July 12, 2012 in category



Posted | June 11, 2012 in category

Today I have to share with you some new sexy men modeling in their briefs. Hope you enjoy and remember to bookmark us for future updates.



Posted | May 11, 2012 in category ,



Posted | April 22, 2012 in category

Here are some sexy young barely clothed men I thought you would all enjoy for your Sunday blog post. Check out the bulging packages on these male models!



Posted | March 26, 2012 in category

Check out this sexy football jock bound in his locker wearing nothing but his jockstrap and a helmet.

Here is a fit tanned lad with one amazing perfect bulge.

Try not to drool on your keyboard too much over this delishious young hunk sporting Property Of England trunks!

Anyone wanna help this beautiful model boy unbunch those white Hilfinger briefs?



Posted | February 20, 2012 in category

Things get pretty risky when male models Warren Carlyle IV & Jordan Regalado strip down to their sexy little briefs for a candid photo shoot near a busy TX highway. Turns out the cops where even called on them but they where allowed to continue the shoot seeing how no one was nude as the callers reported.



Posted | January 16, 2012 in category

Here is a video I should have shared with you last month before the holidays but it's better late then never. You may want to turn down your speakers thanks to the awful music but the beautiful men make this video well worth a watch. This youtube video is from Bum Chums. Their underwear line is defiantly not boring and their newest "Tool Belt Briefs" would make the perfect gift for that sexy handyman that comes knocking at your door! Just look at how well the three sexy working men fill out those designer undies in this hot video!



Posted | December 30, 2011 in category

You know damn well if this morning show was in the states we wouldn't be seeing such up close camera angles on these hot male models. In fact this morning show is from Australia which featuring a young new (very attractive himself) Aussie clothing designer named Dan Murray from Sly Underwear. Dan's new jocks are quite sexy looking and the Aussie men filling them out sure aren't bad either. The skin tight denim design boxers are my favorite, which are yours? 



Posted | December 07, 2011 in category

Check out those ripped muscles and the wonderful bulging CK briefs on this young stud.

Here is a cute boy stripping off his jeans, that I thought you would all enjoy. This twink boys undies look to be filled out quite nicely also! Yummy



Posted | August 22, 2011 in category

Today's blog post is a real hunk of a man from New York City. Derek Atlas is 28 and is a muscle fitness model who has recently decided to give porn a try. Derek says he is straight but has been think of doing a bit of sexual experimentation with other men.

For his solo Derek starts off by giving us a bit of a strip tease. Derek looks to have just the perfect amount of body hair on his hard chest when he pulls off his shirt. Derek then drops his pants but leaves his boxer trunks on so we can admire his bulging package that looks so sexy on his muscular body.

Derek then turns around and tugs down the back of his underpants giving us a peek at his fine ass. He then turns back around and sneaks down his briefs revealing his lush pubes and finally his nicely sized tool. It doesn't take Derek long to work up a nice big bone for us and he gets down to the business of pumping out a load for the camera.



Posted | July 22, 2011 in category

I'm sure you will love this behind the scenes video from a ES Collection photo shoot. These three models are absolute male perfection and just check out those packages on these men! In a few of the photos these muscular hunks get in some very homoerotic poses for the camera.



Posted | January 12, 2011 in category

I wanted to share with you this sexy video of four hot muscular men playing a game of volleyball to promote a hot new line of Aware Soho underwear. This is the first time I have heard of this brand, but i have to say these beautiful male models are sure filling them out nicely. I'm really loving the sexy hunk in the blue briefs with white banding stripes.



Posted | December 29, 2010 in category

Seven sexy men do some holiday shopping while modeling the new line of aussieBum underwear. You know this type of advertising campaign could never happen in the "good old USA", in fact it all went down in a popular London shopping mall. I would say these men even have those cute male models over at A & F beat. Like me, i'm sure your all now having a "wish I was there" moment.



Posted | November 29, 2010 in category

Today I just wanted to share with you all a few pictures of my favorite male model. I don't know his name but his blond god is as sexy as they come, IMHO. I mean, just check out that perfectly tanned and toned male physic on him! Something tells me this young man could make even the most homely looking underwear look sexy on that body. Hope you enjoy!



Posted | November 23, 2010 in category

Today's model is Pete Wall from the new site Fit Young Men. He is a 18 year old football (soccer) playing jock that looks simply amazing here modeling those Calvin Klein briefs. While American football players are hot, I personally find British footballers much sexier looking with their lean yet muscular bodies. I really wish I could share his nude pictures with you but this is all I could get my hands on for now. Enjoy



Posted | November 03, 2010 in category

Could this boy be any more perfect? Those purple briefs look so absolutely sexy on his beautiful tan body!

Check out those absolutely stunning abs on this young stud. His perfect male physique looks rock hard with ripped muscle from head to toe. Now if we could just see what he's hiding so nicely packaged in those Calvin Klein trunks!



Posted | September 28, 2010 in category ,

At just 20 Carson Long couldn't look any attractive then he does here modeling in his sexy Jockstrap. This blond, green eyed, gorgeous muscle man has muscles rippling from every inch of his body. I was totally enamored at the way those underwear straps frame his slightly fuzzy butt cheeks. I can only imagine what he is hiding inside that bulging package he is sporting between those thick thighs. Carson is truly male perfection at it's finest!



Posted | September 22, 2010 in category

Here is a little YouTube video from behind the scenes a a resent Gregg Homme shoot. I'm loving some of their new underwear and swim wear designs not to mention the smokin' hot male models that are packed into them quite nicely!


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