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Daily posts featuring beautiful young guys model in their underwear before stripping naked and having gay sex.



Posted | February 19, 2014 in category

This 19 year old ex-military stud is currently a professional parkour. He is all smiles as he shows off his athletic ability with all his flips and tricks. Don't let his alluring smile fool you, after all that, he heads back to his hotel for a shower and jerk. This hard-bodied jock slips off his tight undies that sport a big bulge and hops butt naked into the shower. After soaking himself down and grabbing his big dick over and over, he takes it to the bed to finish himself off!




Posted | January 29, 2014 in category , ,

Chris Kohler of the new site GayHoopla is one amazing teen hunk! This 19 year old boy has a killer body with muscles bulging from his ripped torso to his thick thighs. I was nearly drooling on my keyboard watching him model in front of his bathroom mirror in everything from his underwear to his skin tight college wrestling singlet. After some naked exhibitionist posing this young college hunk gives his dick some much needed attention while jerking on the hotel bed until he reaches a amazing climax!




Posted | May 31, 2013 in category

Alex We filmed Alex up at the Lake House when he had just turned 18. Turns out that Alex was years ahead of his 18 and is confidence was hot. I talk about Alex all the time and wonder what he is up to these days. He was really big on body building and when we met him he was bulking up for a competition. Nothing like having a stocky football player getting naked for you and jerking out a load. This version of Alex includes new footage and high res photos discovered in our archives. I can see why Alex is a favorite as his pecs swell along with his cock and the rest of his body with each stroke. Alex gives us a thick thick creamy white laod; my favorite.




Posted | May 22, 2012 in category

Bentley was pretty nervous during his photos and solo, though he left saying he had a good time, and was ready to come back for more. His buddies in high school would see him in the locker room and tell he should be doing porn.

Apparently he is show'er and grow'er! I guess he has even tag-teamed a girl and done some mini-orgy action, and the feedback was....he needs to do porn! No interactions with other guys during all this, and he is a bit on the fence on doing "more" but based on his group activities, I don't think he is going to be too shy. Not only is Bentley a handsome man, with hard and built body, but he scored big in the dick department. Nice and thick.

If you like cocks with girth, he's sporting a soda can. He struggles a bit to get it up (takes a lot to fill it up!) and focuses pretty heavily on the video playing for him. But once it is up, you can tell he is enjoying stroking it. It is a fine solo, with an awesome load. Be sure to watch how his face and chest blossom all red as he is about to bust!

I got him to do an oral with Allen, and his performance is MUCH better when he has someone to play against. Of course, Allen loves to make everyone feel good as well as put on a good show, so he tends to bring out the best in everyone.

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Posted | October 16, 2010 in category ,

Check Out Cory's SpunkWorthy Free Video Here

Today I have for you an amazingly cute 18 y/o by the name of Cory. This sexy teen skater boy seemed very eager to get out of his jeans and boxers to show off his juicy uncut cock. While I was really loving his adorable smile I really couldn't wait to see him naked. Cory wasn't even at all shy about stripping down and spreading his sweet ass cheeks to give us a close look at that amazing man hole. Anxious to unleash his load Cory strokes away at his meat and shoots a huge load that squirts all the way over his shoulders and even onto his face.



Posted | July 26, 2010 in category

Watch Justin's Free Flash Preview Video Here

Today I found a adorable young cutie from RandyBlue to share with you on my blog. Justin is 19 and not at all shy about showing off his body. He didn't seem cocky but more of a boyish charm and you can tell he knows what we all want to see! After pulling down his jeans and stripping off his Unico undies I instantly wanted more of this boy and Justin sure didn't disappoint. From his smooth sexy muscular chest to his sexy ass that is covered in beautiful dark hair this young guy just couldn't be any more hot. Justin gives us a nice long jerk off even at times bending over and spreading his hairy ass cheeks so we can get a nice look at his hole. He finishes himself off by fucking a FleshJack. Watching him thrust his hips while sliding his cock in and out was extreamly sexy to say the least. Justin's video is defiantly one I will be adding to my collection. Hope you, my blog readers enjoyed Justin Blakely as much as I did!



Posted | July 12, 2010 in category ,

Watch Dwight's Full Solo Video Here>>>

Today I have for you all a cute country boy named Dwight. This is his first porn shoot and with those gorgeous next-door-boy looks I'm betting he will be a big hit. Dwight slowly lifted his shirt so we could get a good look at his silky smooth chest and abs. Then he un-zipped his jeans revealing his plaid boxers. Next he gave us a little tease by pulling down the corner of his shorts so we could get a peek lush pubs and the base of his cock that it surrounded. Now fully naked his cock got hard almost immediately showing the full size of it's veiny shaft. Dwight then put on a solo that was one of the hottest I have seen recently and one your not gonna want to miss. Man, how I adore this young stud and hope to see even more of him soon!



Posted | June 15, 2010 in category

Adorable 24 year old stud shows off in his briefs and jerks off naked in the shower. Fabio is 24 with a tall dark sexy ripped body that he loves to show off. Reaching down into his Huge Boss briefs Fabio get a handfull of his thick scrumptious manhood before stripping down naked for us all to view this young adonis stunning body.



Posted | April 28, 2010 in category

Alex Price is my favorite new discovery this week. As absolutely gorgeous as this young European stud is I can't believe this is the first I have seen him. Alex's fresh face and rock hard body remind me of the type of beautiful guy that you would find modeling for Abercrombie & Fitch. Thankfully for us he decided to do a nude shoot before he gets grabbed up by some big modeling company. Now add to the package his nice 8 inch dick and you have yourself the ultimate flawless man, at least in my book!



Posted | April 19, 2010 in category ,

(Watch Jermiah's Full Video Shoot Here)

Todays post featuring Jermiah shows that this young stud has a lot offer. He has a boyish face, with a well built body and to complete the package are his beautiful slightly hairy chest and abs. Jermiah says in his interview that he is adventurous and very open-minded. He tells about how he made a amateur film of him and his girl having sex a few years back, but it was for private use only.

Jermiah says he loves sports and considers himself a real jock. As he pulls his jeans off and stands in nothing more then his tight white skivvies, we get to see his buff legs and impressive cock bulge. Things keep getting better as his underwear comes off and we get a great view of his nice sized dick and low-hanging balls. I really loved the cute smile he had on his face after he covered his defined abs in a thick load of cum. CorbinFisher has a way of getting straight guys to do what they never thought they would and i'm holding out hope they get this one back again for a shoot with another man this time.



Posted | April 16, 2010 in category

Watch Jacob's Entire Video Here>>>

20 year old Jacob is so ridiculously hot that he should be the latest male celebrity heart throb. Don't get me wrong I'm not complaining, lucky for us he choose to get naked instead. When I first laid eyes on him I just had to watch his video and his voice alone is hot sexy sounding that it along is almost enough to do the trick. Before he got down to business they had his posing in different styles of underwear and I much say he looked outstanding.

I loved when he was in his pink boxers and poked his beautiful mushroom head cock out the fly of his boxers. Jacob was so horny that he oozed pre-cum out of his plump dick head throughout the entire film. He even remained rock hard from the time he stripped off his blue jeans till the nice wet happy ending. If you see one solo jerk off video this year this would be the one that is not to be missed. Trust me, Jacob puts on a great show here!



Posted | April 07, 2010 in category ,

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Today I have for you a really cutie who has a striking resemblance to a celebrity, I will let you use your imagination and guess which one. Andy is a straight 20 year old Texin boy. His girlfriend was the one that he says talked him into doing porn. Taking off his shirt he revealed a very nice set of abs and lean body under his button down shirt. Andy then took off his jeans revealing he was wearing some nice tighty-whities. He then pulled down his underwear so that we could all get a sneak peak of his bubble butt. Andy then settles on the couch and starts fondling himself through his briefs getting his dick nice and hard before it's debut. When we finally get a full view of his lean naked bod he is fully hard and already jerking off wildly. I liked how he continually spread his legs during the video, showing that he maybe willing to do a little ass play in the future. I'm hope we get to see even more from this blue eye young stud very soon.



Posted | April 02, 2010 in category ,

Today we have for you a hot stud that goes by the name Thor Sigurdson (I know kind of a ridiculous name). This blond haired blue eyed cutie has a naturally smooth athletic body looks so damn sexy. You also gotta love that little treasure trail of his leads right down into his AussieBum briefs and straight to the nice meaty cock nested within. Watch him jerk off was awfully damn hot and I just loved how his balls bounce as he spead his hairy legs and stroked his shaft.



Posted | March 10, 2010 in category ,

Marshall is absolutely my all time fav cam boy. He is just one of the many young studs at the FratPad house and is on camera almost daily. He 19 and straight but I have seen him doing a little touching with the other men in the house. Today when I was checking out his newest cam shows I noticed he wears many different types of underwear from skin tight Under Armour to sexy colorful boxer-briefs. Anyways I thought I would share some of his pictures with my blog readers. I hope you find Marshall as absolutely adorable as I do.



Posted | February 07, 2010 in category ,

Ok, today I have for you some very gay erotic pictures I found on the new site HazeHim.Com. The site shows videos that were submitted by site users. According to their site the above video clips were submitted from a fraternity out in Ohio. Three hot frat pledges are told to drop their pants and the guys stand in front of the crowd wearing nothing but their boxers shorts. After taking off their boxers the guys get their asses smacked and are humiliated by being blindfolded and being put in very homo erotic positions. The men are subjected to asses in their face and being cummed on by their fellow frat brothers. I'm not sure if these fraternity hazing videos were staged or if there truly real, but either way their very hot to watch.



Posted | February 02, 2010 in category

Watch Zeb jerk his 8 inches at CorbinFisher.com >>

Today I have for you a cute soccer boy named Zeb who is newly featured on the Corbin Fisher site. Zeb is 20 with blue eyes and killer abs that look so sexy on his tanned slender build. I bet he looks damn sexy out on the soccer field as he's running around without a shirt on and showing off those nice pecs and defined abs! He looks even better though, with those abs painted white in cum after jerking a huge load out of that 8 inch cock!



Posted | January 19, 2010 in category

We can't get enough of sexy men on this blog so today we have for you a LA party boy named Jimmy. Jimmy is a buff young Latino with tattoo's on each arm that give him that street-boy look that blends nicely with his cute smile. Jimmy is one of the newest guys to get naked on Cock Sure Men. He doesn't have the biggest dick, but it's nice and thick and looks awful tempting peeking over the top of the elastic band in his gray briefs.  Once Jimmy gets out of his cloths he wastes no time getting down to business. He bends over giving us a nice view of his bubble butt and hairy man hole. Jimmy's now all horned up he fingers his hole and pulls on his stiff shaft until he gushes out a nice load of cum. This guy is quite the shooter and squirts a load up onto his face landing next to his eye.



Posted | January 04, 2010 in category

Today we have for you an absolutely adorable boy from Alabama that we found featured on the site Southern Strokers. Rusty is just 19 and is 5'8" with amazingly smooth looking skin and hairless chest. In is pre-shoot interview Rusty says he is straight and has never been with another guy but he isn't ruling out a little man on man action if he was given the opportunity. I know I for one would love to see that!

Once he gets out of his jeans he shows off a little in his gray 2xist briefs. Rusty then gets fully naked, grabs his rock hard cock with his right and uses his left to finger his hairy hole. Rusty says he likes his sex a little rough which is indicated by him grabbing his own neck tightly when he was about to cum. I have to say Rusty is one of the cutest young guys I have seen on the net lately and I can't wait to see more of him.



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