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Daily posts featuring beautiful young guys model in their underwear before stripping naked and having gay sex.



Posted | August 07, 2012 in category

The rock solid young hunk I have for you today is a night club dancer who is now venturing to the world of porn. He tells us he has a big gay following and really loves teasing the men from on stage. Haigan is a deminant type guy and it shows from his agressive solo he gives us here.

He's a great performer and teases us with his amazing fit body while wearing nothing more then his underwear. Once he's primed a ready he unleashes his uncut dick from his underwear and begins his self pleasuring solo show.

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Posted | July 02, 2012 in category

Today I have for you a hot jock named Jonah. His one fit young athlete and shows off his track & field skills with the shot put and pole vaulting. Next we join Jonah in the locker room where he sheds his shirt revealing this lean hard abs.

It isn't long before Johan's tight compression shorts are bulging from his big dick growing harder. He finally unleashes it from his shorts and we get to see just how big this jocks pole really is.

After a jerk in the shower we then join Johan back in the bedroom where we get a even more of an eye full as he humps the sheets and pumps his stiff manhood to a wonderful climax.

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Posted | April 10, 2012 in category

View Glenn's Full Free Preview Video On ChaosMen Today

I just have to say the if your a gay man with a undie fetish you are really going to love the ChaosMen site. This site always has the guys posing in several pairs of sexy undies before getting down to business. There newest model is this cute 18 year old twink with sexy blue eyes and a tight tone body.

This sexy boy starts off droping his jeans to model in his favorite boxer briefs before getting naked and showing off his cute firm bubble butt. After his little nude modeling session Glenn moves to the bedroom where he tries on a fresh new pair. Glenn then drops his briefs and begins jerking his hard cock to a nice full body orgasm.



Posted | October 15, 2011 in category

Wow! These gay men discovered the real intent for wearing a jockstrap, they make for real easy asshole access.

Sexy hairy college dude drops his jeans on the campus lawn to catch some sun rays wearing just his boxers.

Muddy country studs model in their underwear. These four sexy young redneck boys sure do have some pretty bulging cocks in them there briefs! Anyone for some good ol' country lovin?



Posted | September 30, 2011 in category

See More Of Ronnie and His Bro Rex Jerking

Ronnie is a cute new addition to the beautiful military men on the Active Duty site. They met Ronnie hanging around a base on his off time and proposed to him an offer he couldn't refuse. He agreed to meet them at a local hotel and do a jerk off video. When he showed up at the hotel Ronnie came with a surprise. He brought his younger half-brother Rex him who was visiting him on base.

Ronnie was first to do his debut porn shoot. He stripped down to just his boxer briefs and laid back in bed and began rubbing his growing bulge. Ronnie reached down into his undies and began fondling himself getting his dick nice and hard before unleashing it for us to see. During his amazing solo Scene Ronnie even let the producer Mike teases his pink hole a little which brought him to his climax.

Next up came Ronnie's brother Rex who was eager to get naked as evident by the huge growing tent in his boxers. I wish I had some pictures of Rex to share with you here on my blog but I could get a hold of any yet. For now just visit the Active Duty site to see some more previews of both Ronnie and his brother Rex wanking their big dicks. Both of these boy have delectable young bodies and monster cocks that a simple amazing to watch on video.



Posted | August 07, 2011 in category

Download A Preview Of This Hazing Video Here

If fraternity hazings where all like this, every gay man would be kicking down the doors to get in. For this newest video out of Haze Him the senior brothers are having the new pledges service them the Greek way by being fanned with palm leaves and  serving them drinks while wearing just their undies. On of the pledges spills there drinks and all the pledges are made to pay the price. There told to strip down to their undies then forced to under go all sorts or crazy frat hazing rituals, and that is just the start of it. The offending pledge is then told he must service the sexual needs of his pledge brothers and suck their dicks for them. As if that weren't enough humiliation for this straight dude he also gets his virgin ass tag teamed by the brothers.



Posted | June 24, 2011 in category

The British flag never looked so good then while being worn by this sexy muscle hunk!

Doesn't this boy have a nice tent!

Handsome dude cooks in the kitchen wearing just his white briefs!

Today I have six hot young men showing off their amazing bodies while in nothing more then their undies. These random amateur guys have some delicious bulges that are just waiting to be let loose.



Posted | May 08, 2011 in category

For this Sunday's post I have three fresh young men to share with you that are all sporting beautiful big bulges! I would ask you to pick a favorite, but if your like me it's impossible to pick just one of these amazing guys. Enjoy the eye candy!



Posted | February 14, 2011 in category

My Valentine's Day gift for all you loyal blog readers out there. Hope you enjoy this beautiful piece of manly eye candy!



Posted | February 07, 2011 in category

Check Out Josh's Full Video Here

Today I wanted to share with you a sexy English Mixed Martial Arts fighter by the name of Josh Peters. Josh has quite a sexy young hunk with a beautiful lean and muscular body. Josh seems like he has quite a naughty wild side and isn't at all shy about showing off naked on camera for the first time. He starts out by teasing us with the amazing bugle he is sporting in those underwear. He finally inches down his shorts letting us see just enough of his cock to make any cock hungry guy start drooling.

Once he was fully naked we finally got the see all of this hunks uncut meat dangling down between his thighs. It only takes Josh a few short strokes of his cock and he is fully erect and ready for action. During Josh's solo he shares every inch of his naked body with us and even bends over on the bed to give us a great very of his hairless virgin asshole. When Josh inevitably comes to his climax he busts a big creamy white load all over his hard abs. Don't miss your chance at seeing this naughty straight boy in action.



Posted | January 24, 2011 in category

Today I found for you a hidden video of two gorgeous twink trying on all different styles of underwear before a porn shoot. Kelly and Grant look hot no matter what their wearing. The boys are given five different styles of briefs and told to go into the bathroom and pick their favorite pair.

The only thing is the guys don't know there is a hidden camera behind the mirror filming them as they change. While Grant changes behind him Kelly models all five pair of undies right in front of the mirror. My personal favorite is the nice tight red briefs with the stars on them that Kelly tries on in the forth picture. What is your favorite pair? Watch The Video Of Kelly and Grant Changing Their Briefs here.



Posted | January 03, 2011 in category

Watch New Live Frat Pad Shows Here

Going back through my archives I stumbled on to these pictures from one of Frat Pad's earliest live shows. I don't remember what this sexy young guys name was but I do remember watching his show and damn was it hot. Not sure where the guys came up with the idea of putting a stripper pole in the kitchen but it nonetheless made for one great show.



Posted | November 19, 2010 in category

Watch Curtis In His First Ever Video Here

Anyone here ever have fantasies about being with a real bad boy? Well Curtis may have the look going for him with his shaved head and tattoos but it pretty much ends there. Curtis is really a very calm and confident type of man. In this his first solo porn video Curtis really gives us a show, especially us underwear lovers. He changed from doing some very sexy poses in gray boxers to a pair of nice tight red Baskit brand briefs where he continues to teases us with peaks at his package before unleashing his beautiful cock. Curtis may not be the bad boy I though he was at first sight, but he does have a naughty side to him and he does a great job showing just how naughty he can be. His amazing happy ending is quite the sight to behold!



Posted | November 08, 2010 in category

I just discovered a new site called Out Him which shows pictures and videos of straight men caught naked and or having gay sex. The above pictures are of Rob who did a private video of while jerking off with his schlong pulled out over the top of his tight stylish briefs. I really loved watching him pull on that thick dick and the amateur voyeurish feel of the video. Watch The videos of Rob and other guys In action here



Posted | October 12, 2010 in category ,

Underwear is taken to the next level with the invention of the CockSox. They leave little to the imagination and look to offer great support, hugging every curve of the wearer's manhood beneath. I have yet to try them out but they sure do look sexy on the men in this video.



Posted | September 10, 2010 in category ,

Today I have for you a super sexy football or soccer jock, depending on which side of the pond your from. Dan Carver is the real deal jock which is very clear when he strips off his shirt and jeans showing off his great muscular definition. In this his first time in front of the camera Dan first models some super sexy package cradling briefs and even slips into a nice pair of jockstraps to frame in his adorable smooth bubble butt. When Dan finally gets completely naked were treated to his nice quite long uncut cock. Dan lies back spreads his thick thighs and starts workin' his shaft up to a nice rock hard boner. I loved watching as every muscle in this boys body tightened as he shot a massive load of cum all over himself. It all made for one absolutely amazing solo video that I could watch over and over again.



Posted | September 04, 2010 in category ,

Watch More From Kevin's Exam Video Here

Getting seduced by a sexy doctor I'm sure is a fantasy of quite a few gay men out their. I know I have had a few hot male doctors that I wouldn't mind getting a more thorough exam from. College Boy Physicals is one of my all time favorite fantasy sites out their. They always seem to find hot patients for there scenes.

This newest scene features is a fine example of that. Kevin is one cute boy and he has quite the hot young body on him. Kevin pulls down his shorts and gets more of an exam while wearing nothing more then his American Eagle underwear. Then the doctor asks him to strip totally naked for a full body exam.

While laying on his stomach on the exam table the doctor examines his cute bare naked bubble butt. He then inserted the prostrate stimulator into Kevin's tight asshole before turning him over to get a closer look at his cock. Getting closer and closer to Kevin's cock he then made his move and started giving him head. Kevin then reached over and grabbed a hand full of the doc's already rock hard boner. After exchanging blow jobs it was time for more. The doc bent over as Kevin shoved his big shaft deep inside his tight hole. Kevin road the doc's ass long and hard before offering up his own ass for the good doctor.

Next it's time for the "good doctor" to give Kevin a more thorough anal probing. Kevin hops up onto the exam table and the doctor shoves his cock deep inside his tight man hole. The doc fucked him so hard, shot a huge gusher of a load on to the table. The doctor then pulled out and covered Kevin with a shower of cum. Now that is what I call a very thorough doctors exam.



Posted | August 21, 2010 in category ,

(Watch The Diego's Full Hand-job Vid Here)

Today I have for you some hot clips from Diego's handjob video. The story goes Diego came to the door of the Boy Gusher studio house looking to sell some magazines to earn cash for college. The guys convinced him into making more cash in  30 minutes then he would make all day selling mags. Diego agreed and it doesn't take long before his is laying on the couch about to get the handjob of his life.

Diego is shy about showing his face but after he lifts his shirt it is evident that this boy has nothing to be shy about in showing his sexy young body. Seeing Diego's dick come to life inside his Hanes undies it is obvious this kid is also packing quite the thick piece of man meat in those underwear. Out pops a fantastic uncut cock from his briefs that is almost two handfuls long. Even though his face was mostly hidden you can tell from the moaning and smile on his mouth that he is quite enjoying his handjob. Diego managed to pump out quite the gusher that landed all over his sexy smooth abs.


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