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White Brief Boys

Daily posts featuring beautiful young guys model in their underwear before stripping naked and having gay sex.



Posted | December 15, 2012 in category ,

From Straight Rent Boys: Justin Cross and Travis Cooper are in their white undies, a personal favorite, I have the two sit and start by kissing. After a bit of lip locking, Travis says he's, "gonna do him first," and has Justin remove his tighty whities. Well, "ready to go," Justin sits back and enjoys "Travis' inhalations." As he watches Travis' head bob, Justin says, "it feel real nice; I'm glad they paired us up."

Justin begins to stroke Travis through his underwear; Travis quickly removes the last of his clothing and repositions himself for maximum pleasure, as he goes back to blowing Justin. Justin starts to moan and twitch as Travis sucks that rock-hard dick. Using his hands and mouth, Travis works on Justin and has him close. Justin then lies back and really stretches out as he caresses Travis' back. I think these two really work well together and both are very sexy.

As I have Travis lick Justin's balls, Justin is about to blow, seems that his balls are very sensitive, nice. Justin then takes a couple of gasping breathes and shoots. Streaming up to his nipples, he then takes a moment to recuperate and says, "it felt great," but reminds Travis, "your turn;" fuck I'd like to know when it will be my turn?



Posted | June 14, 2012 in category

Chandler is a cute wavy haired twink I have seen in action quite a few times on several different sites but he is always a treat to watch. He's been in sex scenes with both men and women so I would guess he is either bisexual or just up for anything it the money is right.

In this new video out of CorbinFisher's sister site American College Sex Chandler is paired up with Courtney. Personally I don't go for bisexual porn but what caught my attention with this one was seeing Chandler in a sexy pair of white briefs. His beautiful slender young body looks so very hot modeling in those tight underwear before the action starts.

These videos always focus mostly on the men and this scene was no different. If your like me then you would have to agree that there is something so very hot about a boy in nothing more then tight white briefs!

If you don't like bisexual videos don't worry Chandler can be seen in more then a few different videos on Corbin Fisher including my favorite where he takes a big dick from a horny stud named Rudy.



Posted | May 30, 2012 in category

Courtesy of ChaosMen: Gregory is a very quiet and composed guy till we get him out of his clothes. He didn't talk much on the ride to the studio, so I have very little info on him, or real feel for his personality. I do know he is gay, and has been trying to get in the industry. Gregory's solo is just fine though. He has a look about him many will like, and he knows how to switch stroke his cock! And the dude can unload a hefty amount of DNA!



Posted | May 25, 2012 in category



Posted | February 14, 2012 in category

Cole is one insanely hot 20 yr. old hunk with something quite large to share with us today. Once he pulls off that t-shirt I'm in love with his hairy hard chest and totally ripped muscular abs. This military guy stands just over six foot tall with broad shoulders and amazing muscled physique.

Once he drops his jeans that large thing Cole wants to show us becomes clearly visible through his tight white CK briefs. Cole's fat semi-hard cock is already bulging in those cotton briefs. With only a few jerks his big mushroom dick head pops out from the leg of his tighty-whities! From there it doesn't take Cole long before he is fully naked and giving us quite an amazing jerk session.

Watch Cole Drop His Underwear And Jerk Off On Southern Strokes



Posted | February 01, 2012 in category

Take me for a ride! What could be more sexy then a ripped young muscle stud posing and riding his crotch rocket motorcycle in nothing more then his tighty-whities briefs! Find this sexy stud and more at All American Guys



Posted | October 20, 2011 in category

Anyone with a gay bondage fetish is going to love the post I have for you today. Erick is a cute boyish looking twenty year old who is about to get the thrill of his life from Mr. Hand. I have watch Mr. Hand having is way with many young guys and he never fails in bringing his willing victims to a intense orgasmic climax. From the moment Erick shed his jeans it was pretty obvious he was ready for some fun as evident from the huge bulge wrapping around to the left in his white briefs. Once this cute boy is bound to the bed Erick lets Mr. Hand pull down his undies and have his way with his cock.

Watch More From Erick's Bondage Handjob Scene Here



Posted | September 25, 2011 in category

Download Robbie's Three Amazing Videos Here

A shower stall makes for a great backdrop when this sexy young soccer jock hop's in wearing just his tighty-whities!  Robbie is one scorching hot boy with a handsome face and a ripped slender body that is totally drool worthy! Robbie caresses his tone body as the water washes over his sculpted athletic torso and down into his briefs. Robbie then turns around and drops his wet undies letting us have a peek at his delicious bubble butt. By the time Robbie turns around his dick is rock hard bulging in his briefs and ready for it's debut!



Posted | September 09, 2011 in category

Check Out The Preview Video Of Twins Micky and Ajay

Twin brothers are hot but for all of us with a undie fetish, watching stunning twin boys in bulging underwear is as hot as it gets. Micky and Ajay have amazing muscular frat boy bodies that are the very definition of male perfection. The brothers lift some weights together wearing just their white briefs so we can all enjoy their stunning physique.

The brothers got all horned up from their workout and before long their undies are tenting from their growing boners. They pop out their dicks and jerk a bit before heading inside to wash off their sweaty hot bods. 

We then join the brothers a third time laying on a giant white pillow wear matching white tank-tops and boxer briefs. They strip down naked once again and get busy with a amazing side by side dick wanking session.



Posted | July 05, 2011 in category

Watch As Justin Receives His First Hand Job Here

In my blog post today I have for you a extremely cute 19 year old twink that is about to get his first ever gay hand job. The video starts with Justin in his baggy clothes telling about the only other hand job he received back in high school by a girlfriend of his. When he is asked to strip down Justin gives us a cute smile and pulls of his shirt and shorts. Finally this delicious boy is laying in bed in nothing more then his white briefs. The handjob begins with a nice long sexy cock fondled though his undies by a cock loving mystery man beside his bed.

Once Justin's boner is tenting at his tightie whities ,he gets a helping hand in stripping down naked. Justin's dick is about 6 inches long, rock hard and throbbing for attention. Finally the hand job begins and Justin lays back to enjoy the masterful hand working up and down his shaft. Justin arches his back and moans in pleasure as he approaches his climax. With one hand on fondling his balls while the other wildly jerking his dick Justin exploded out a nice big load of cum out onto his thick black pubes and smooth lean abs. Justin's climax leaves him spent and with a even wider smile on his adorable boyish face then he started with!



Posted | March 25, 2011 in category

See More From Jayce and Charlie's Video Here

Today I found for you this new scene featuring two straight guys who offer each other a helping hand in jerking off. Jayce is the guy on the left with brown hair and Charlie is the strawberry-blond guy on the right.

This is Jayce's second time having a jerk on camera with another man but this is Charlie's first time. Once their both out of their jeans Charlie and Jayce sit back down on the futon and get to work on rubbing the bulges. While Jayce is a pretty sexy looking tall lean guy, my personal favorite was Charlie with bulging black briefs and his freckle covered chest.

The guys watched a porn on the television while they worked on getting their dicks nice and hard for their debut on camera. Once their both semi-hard they drop their underwear to their knees and start pulling on their dicks. After a shy start, Charie is the first to make a move by reaching over and wraping his fist around Jayce's shaft to give him a hand job. In return Jayce quickly follows and grabs a hold of Charie's manhood.

The guys stroke on each others dick long enough to bring them both to the edge of a climax before they both take back over their own once again. Almost simultaneously Charlie and Jayce gush out two nice loads of cum onto their smooth leans abs. Now, i'm going to keep my fingers crossed that more of a gay sex scene is in Charie's future for his second time around.



Posted | February 28, 2011 in category

See John Walhbegh's Full Video Here

Make sure to catch your breath because Bel Ami's newest addition is sure to take your breath away. John Walhbegh is the ultimate male pin-up stud. He's clean-cut handsome with a beautiful complexion, stunning sculpted physique, a perfectly smooth plump bubble butt and a thick uncut cock. Unlike most of the men on the Bel Ami site John is from the USA. He went seeking out the Bel Ami gay porn studio in Europe when he was there on a college student exchange program.

John starts the shoot in a tight tank-top shirt and pair of pink shorts. Once the camera's where rolling John quickly dropped his pants to tease us in his tight white briefs. John seem quite eager to get naked and soon was pulling his stunning uncut cock out from his sexy Diesel underwear. 

His skin looks so smooth and silky in the video that you can almost imagine the feel of it as he caresses his entire body. John then gave us quite a amazing jerk off show, while letting us view every inch of his flawless body. I can't hardly wait for him to return to do a scene with the other beautiful men at Bel Ami!


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