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Posted | August 15, 2012 in category

No, this post doesn't have a underwear scene, but I knew you all would forgive me when you caught an eye for of this hot young guy. He's a bit of a flash back but was recently brought back for a second look on Fratmen.

His name is Daniel and is one very cute boy as you can clearly see for yourselves. In his video Daniel did a scene which had him returning home for a jerk after demonstrating some of his amazing wrestler moves. He's quite the showman and rubs up a big hard boner in his wrestling singlet.

It's impossible to hide a hard dick wearing something this tight. Once out of his singlet Daniel goes on to a shower scene and finishes himself off in the bedroom where he shoot out one impressive load.

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Posted | August 12, 2012 in category

He's a hot straight boy that we may only see this once, so don't miss his sexy cock tugging solo. Johnny Forza is a young 18 year old New Jersey boy with a stunning ripped muscular body that you would expect on a well conditioned football jock and as it turns out, his years playing football in high school is exactly what he attributes his beautiful physique too.

This hot young stud doesn't waste any time in stripping down to his boxers to show off his stunning ripped body. Johnny begins feeling himself up through his underwear, all with a sexy friendly smile on his face. Soon this athletic dude is sporting major wood and bulging at his underwear.

Johnny lowers his boxers slowly teasing us along the way before he is finally totally naked before us. It's hard for your eyes not to be drawen straight to this teens big hard cock. He's not only a huge boy he's also has some major girth to his manhood.

Soon all of this boys attention is on his dick as he strokes his way to a impressive orgasm. After unloading a tramendious cumshot for us he's ask his thoughts on next doing a scene with another boy. He smiles and furmly says "no" but we all know young men have a tendency to change their minds and money talks. I guess we will have to wait awhile longer to see it this amazing young jock has a change of heart and returns to give us another hot show!

See Johnny Naked and Shooting His Wad Here



Posted | August 07, 2012 in category

The rock solid young hunk I have for you today is a night club dancer who is now venturing to the world of porn. He tells us he has a big gay following and really loves teasing the men from on stage. Haigan is a deminant type guy and it shows from his agressive solo he gives us here.

He's a great performer and teases us with his amazing fit body while wearing nothing more then his underwear. Once he's primed a ready he unleashes his uncut dick from his underwear and begins his self pleasuring solo show.

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Posted | August 03, 2012 in category

Here's a short little animated clip that I thought was so hot that you all would enjoy it as well. Love the way those briefs tent with those big twink cocks.



Posted | July 30, 2012 in category

For today's post I have to share some clips featuring two horny twinks Riley and Ash. These cute boys are so eager to get at each others cocks they don't even bother taking off their underwear. These two gorgeous young men pop their boners out from their briefs while they 69 and suck each other off to a undie drenching cumshot.

Watch The Preview Of Riley and Ash On UndieTwinks



Posted | July 21, 2012 in category

Max was looking to make some fast cash and has some fun when he replied to a TX College Boys ad online. After stripping down to just his underwear Max pops his hard boner from the fly in his boxer for a jerk. After stroking himself to a near climax, Max then gets totally naked and gives us a bit of a nude show.



Posted | July 16, 2012 in category

Despite this initial wariness, Trey follows directions well. Trey is soon out of his shorts wearing only in underwear as he rubs his dick hard. Soon enough he's out of his boxers and naked showing us the goods. His pale chest is hairless, the legs have a coating of brown hair, and his arms have a sexy farmer's tan.

When he gets hard, his breathing turns strained as he begins to jack his uncut dick. Once back on the bed he continues jerking and fondling his chest/stomach with his free hand.

When asked to show his man hole, he does so with no objection. Doesn't finger himself, but instinctively spreads those cheeks to give us a view of his tight little virgin hole.

When it's nutting time, the stud softly murmurs, "I'm going to cum." Good golly, Miss Molly! Trey was telling no tale. He leaves a trail of liquid love from the navel to right below his chin.



Posted | July 12, 2012 in category



Posted | July 09, 2012 in category

Though you all would enjoy a some cute twink is bulging underwear to help you get though the back to work Monday blues.



Posted | July 07, 2012 in category

Kyler is horny and tuggin' on his cock while he looks at a picture of Hayden who is on his way over. There's a knock on the door and it's Hayden, who goes to shake Kyler's hand but Kyler gets a handful of cock instead.

Hayden's pinned against the wall as Kyler drops to his knees and pulls out Hayden's growing dick. "Got here just in time" Hayden moans as Kyler shoves that dick down his throat. He works that hard meat like a champ as Hayden tells him just how he likes it telling him to work his balls and to lick just the tip of his cock so it gets sensitive.

Kyler then gets on the floor and tilts his head back as Hayden sits on the weight bench and lowers his heavy hangers into Kyler's mouth. Kyler laps at those smooth nuts taking them both in his mouth as Hayden reaches down and starts to jack Kyler's hard on.

Kyler then gets on his knees to better suck on that dick he can't get enough of as he sucks and strokes that meat. "Dirty little slut" Hayden teases as Kyler savors that meat like a pro sliding it ball deep down his throat



Posted | July 02, 2012 in category

Today I have for you a hot jock named Jonah. His one fit young athlete and shows off his track & field skills with the shot put and pole vaulting. Next we join Jonah in the locker room where he sheds his shirt revealing this lean hard abs.

It isn't long before Johan's tight compression shorts are bulging from his big dick growing harder. He finally unleashes it from his shorts and we get to see just how big this jocks pole really is.

After a jerk in the shower we then join Johan back in the bedroom where we get a even more of an eye full as he humps the sheets and pumps his stiff manhood to a wonderful climax.

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Posted | June 26, 2012 in category

Today I have for you a hot young celebrity boy to drool over. Brenton Thwaites is a 22 year old Australian born actor who can be seen in the newest sequel of The Blue Lagoon: The Awakening.

This new LifeTime take on the movie doesn't have any nudity like the original but it does have some definite eye candy. Brenton is shirtless throughout the movie and one sexy scene features him in nothing but a pair of soaking wet underwear on the beach.

Those wet boxers cling to his nice bubble butt and bulging crotch very nicely. Wouldn't you agree?



Posted | June 19, 2012 in category

19 year old College Dudes newcomer Brandon has shaggy hair, a sexy look in his eye, a wonderful toned body, and a nice bush around his dick. Brandon strips down and finally reveals his whopper of a cock, and what a sight it is!

We can imagine doing so many things with Brandon, because not only does he have a huge dick, he has a great ass to boot! As he is sitting down, Brandon plays with his dick and balls, stroking it nice and easy before standing up to give us a full view of his luscious 6-1 body. As he rubs his chest and wanks off, he moans a little and talks to himself.

Before long he is lying down continuing to play with himself as he gently closes his eyes. Soon, his legs are up in the air so that we can inspect his hot butt, too. Brandon is the total package, and his cumshot is amazing as well! There is nothing not to like about this hot college dude!

Watch The Full Video Of Brandon On College Dudes



Posted | June 14, 2012 in category

Chandler is a cute wavy haired twink I have seen in action quite a few times on several different sites but he is always a treat to watch. He's been in sex scenes with both men and women so I would guess he is either bisexual or just up for anything it the money is right.

In this new video out of CorbinFisher's sister site American College Sex Chandler is paired up with Courtney. Personally I don't go for bisexual porn but what caught my attention with this one was seeing Chandler in a sexy pair of white briefs. His beautiful slender young body looks so very hot modeling in those tight underwear before the action starts.

These videos always focus mostly on the men and this scene was no different. If your like me then you would have to agree that there is something so very hot about a boy in nothing more then tight white briefs!

If you don't like bisexual videos don't worry Chandler can be seen in more then a few different videos on Corbin Fisher including my favorite where he takes a big dick from a horny stud named Rudy.



Posted | June 11, 2012 in category

Today I have to share with you some new sexy men modeling in their briefs. Hope you enjoy and remember to bookmark us for future updates.



Posted | June 06, 2012 in category

If you like twinks then your going to love the new male model Max Flint. This 20 year old boy has A great smile, slender body, and generous sized dick. Once he sheds his t-shirt and jeans Max models for a bit in his tight fitting boxer briefs.

Max is quite the tease as he sneaks down the front of his briefs giving us a preview before we get the full view. Finally Max bares all and quickly gets down to the task of pleasuring himself for our enjoyment. This curly haired young man stares seductively into the camera as he pumps his manhood.

It isn't long before Max brings himself to a climax and unloads all over those lean smooth abs. Don't miss Seeing Broke Boy Max In Action Here



Posted | June 02, 2012 in category

Today I have to share with you a very hot new fratmen model named Bradley. His guy is the total package with a very handsome face and a perfectly muscular body from head to toe. Once out of his jean Bradley teases us a bit in his boxer briefs. Once he is naked we get to watch as Bradley takes his showers, giving us quite a hot steamy show!

Watch The Preview Of Bradley In The Shower Here



Posted | May 30, 2012 in category

Courtesy of ChaosMen: Gregory is a very quiet and composed guy till we get him out of his clothes. He didn't talk much on the ride to the studio, so I have very little info on him, or real feel for his personality. I do know he is gay, and has been trying to get in the industry. Gregory's solo is just fine though. He has a look about him many will like, and he knows how to switch stroke his cock! And the dude can unload a hefty amount of DNA!

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