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Men in Underwear

Daily posts featuring beautiful young guys model in their underwear before stripping naked and having gay sex.



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Bentley was pretty nervous during his photos and solo, though he left saying he had a good time, and was ready to come back for more. His buddies in high school would see him in the locker room and tell he should be doing porn.

Apparently he is show'er and grow'er! I guess he has even tag-teamed a girl and done some mini-orgy action, and the feedback was....he needs to do porn! No interactions with other guys during all this, and he is a bit on the fence on doing "more" but based on his group activities, I don't think he is going to be too shy. Not only is Bentley a handsome man, with hard and built body, but he scored big in the dick department. Nice and thick.

If you like cocks with girth, he's sporting a soda can. He struggles a bit to get it up (takes a lot to fill it up!) and focuses pretty heavily on the video playing for him. But once it is up, you can tell he is enjoying stroking it. It is a fine solo, with an awesome load. Be sure to watch how his face and chest blossom all red as he is about to bust!

I got him to do an oral with Allen, and his performance is MUCH better when he has someone to play against. Of course, Allen loves to make everyone feel good as well as put on a good show, so he tends to bring out the best in everyone.

See More Of Bentley's Amazing Solo On ChaosMen



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This time you're getting a very intimate look at an incredibly sexy dude named Vinny Castillo. Vinny is in the garage, putting a little spit-shine on his ATV. As he works, the temperature heats up, inspiring Vinny to take off his shirt. He's getting close to being finished, but his cock is just perking up.

Since he's put in some good, hard work on his vehicle, Vinny's gonna reward himself by putting in a little work on that swollen dick in his pants. Watch him pull out his huge, meaty boner and stroke it in damp, garage heat. Join Vinny as he works himself up to an extremely sensual peak, letting out the built-up tension from a day of diligent labor. Enjoy!

Watch Hairy Stud Vinny Castillo's Entire Video Here



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Watch Diego's Full Solo and Sex Scene On CorbinFisher

We all love a handsome dark and muscular stud and that is exactly what I have fro you today. This CorbinFisher newcomer is all that and more as evident from his amazing workout scene. Diego is a beautiful straight guy who starts his weight lifting session shirtless wearing just blue shorts. Next Diego drops his shorts and models his amazing ripped hard body in just his underwear. After teasing us in his boxers Diego goes on to strip down naked and let us check out his amazing ass and nice large dick before going on to do a hot sex scene with Olivia.



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This is the way all straight boy should be broke in. It's all in for this new hot video featuring three guys who have never sucked let alone touched a dick before. Zane, Brandon and Spencer where all three hard within seconds of stripping off their boxer shorts.

Watch These Three Horny Straight Boys In Action Here

The guys began their gay sex threesome experiment by offering each other a handjob. The middle redhead Spencer sported the largest boner out of the three but the cute newest boy in the red boxers seemed the most eager and was the soon found himself on his knees between the two boys taking turns sucking their dicks.

Once Zane got the oral sex scene started it wasn't long before they all got their taste of some cock. All that sucking had them ready to shoot and shoot they did! The young guys sat side by side swapping kisses while they jerked themselves to three amazing cumshots.



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I love the styling of these tight fitting sports briefs by Cocksox. Here is a new video showing a behind the scene look at a amazing muscle hunk during a recent cocksox photoshoot. Hot old cars and nearly buff naked men. What could be better!



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Watch Dakota's Entire Debut Jerk off Video Here

Today's blog post features this nice looking Jersey boy how turns out to be quite the male exhibitionist. Dakota is just 18 but tells use that he has had sex with over 40 girls. It didn't take long for him to sheds his singlet and tight white jeans. Once down to just his black boxers this young stud began rubbing his cock working up a big boner for it's debut on camera.

Once he was hard Dakota stripped down and immediately began pleasuring himself. His sexy hard muscular body looked so sexy while he jerked himself to a amazing climax leaving those tone tanned abs of his covered in milky white jizz.



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Here are some sexy young barely clothed men I thought you would all enjoy for your Sunday blog post. Check out the bulging packages on these male models!



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Watch Scott Alexander's Entire Scene On Boy Crush

Nineteen year old Scott Alexander is cutie with a great smile and a sexy slender twink body that he isn't shy about showing off. After stripping down to just his underwear this beautiful twink begins rubbing up his cock through his briefs. Within moments his cock is bulging at the seams for release. Scott then gets fully naked and starts wanking his big hard cock and getting acquainted with a nice large dildo.



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Watch The Preview Of Ford and Clayton's Shower Scene Here

I love checking out muscular men working out their muscles at the gym. So today I have a amazing new Fratmen video that starts with two hunks working out and end with them trading blowjobs. College buddies Clayton and Ford begin their workout session in nothing more then their tight bulging boxer briefs. After showing off their amazing built bodies the men share even more with us as they sneak down their briefs providing us with a great view of their smooth sexy bubble butts.

Next we join these beautiful young men in the shower where they help rub down each others hot wet bodies. Soon both guys are rock hard and they trading blowjobs in the shower. After drying off they continue what they started in the shower back in the bedroom where they finish each other off.



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Here are some great collage videos I just found on YouTube that I absolutely love. The guy that created these series of videos is very creative with his editing. It's a great new take on those boring photo collages of hot men you normally find on YouTube. These videos feature scenes of hot young celebrity men shirtless and or in their briefs.

Falcon Crest segment featuring Justin Hartley, Chord Overstreet, Taylor Kitsch, Taylor Lautner, Hartley Sawyer, Jake Gyllenhaal and others

Dallas segment featuring Robbie and Stephen Amell, Ryan Reynolds and Ryan Gosling, Mitch Hewer and Sam Jackson, James Marsden, Chris Carmack, Francois Goeske, Channing Tatum, Corey Sevier and many more.



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View Glenn's Full Free Preview Video On ChaosMen Today

I just have to say the if your a gay man with a undie fetish you are really going to love the ChaosMen site. This site always has the guys posing in several pairs of sexy undies before getting down to business. There newest model is this cute 18 year old twink with sexy blue eyes and a tight tone body.

This sexy boy starts off droping his jeans to model in his favorite boxer briefs before getting naked and showing off his cute firm bubble butt. After his little nude modeling session Glenn moves to the bedroom where he tries on a fresh new pair. Glenn then drops his briefs and begins jerking his hard cock to a nice full body orgasm.



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Here is a hot college boy stripped to just his boxers in his dormroom.

By the looks of that undie bulge I think slender twink really needs some company his bed!

This young jock have a impressive muscler body! His cock stuffed neatly in that jockstrap is already starting to grow.

Don't be such a shy boy! Those pink briefs look very sexy on this boys nice lean body.



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View The Full Free Preview Video Of Fratmen Ford and Trent Here

Two seriously ripped muscle hunks give us a amazing gay sex scene in and out of the shower. The men begin wearing just their sexy bulging trunks until they head to the shower where it all comes off. After stripping down naked the guys shower together and soon can't keep their wondering hands off each others hard muscular bodies. After exchaning blowjob in the shower the action moves to the bedroom where they continue to explore their gay sexual desires and jerk each other to a cum drenched climax.



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Watch More Of Brad and Marco Having Sex On Cocksure Men

After some passionate kissing and heavy petting Brad and Marco quickly strip down their jeans till they are in nothing more then their briefs. The chemistry between these gay studs is palpable as they start rubbing each others cocks through their briefs. Soon they unleash their stiff cocks and begin thoroughly sucking each other off. It isn't long from there when we find Brad on all fours with his ass cheeks spread wide waiting for Marco to give him a hard ass pounding.



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Watch Nick's Full Debut Porn Video Here

Today I wanted to share with you this cute eighteen year old boy who is jerking off to  pay the rent and have a bit of fun at the same time. Nick has a adorable boy-next-door face with a friendly wide smile. As he pulls off his t-shirt we get a better look at his toned upper-body complete with several tattoos. Looking more of a young jock then a twink, Nick was then asked what the favorite part of his body was. He responded that is was maybe his back and abs.

Nick was then asked to strip down to his boxers which he did without any hesitation. Laying down in bed Nick pulled down that back of his undies, giving us a sneak peak at his bubble butt and hairy ass crack. By the time Nick turned back over it was clear he was semi-erect and he began his jerk off session. With some porn on the TV Nick stroked his cock with more and more intensity. While pumping his cock Nick looked into the camera several time and each time he did he looked to get more and more turned on.

Nick stopped wanking for a couple of moments and posed with his arms behind his head, looking every inch the professional male model. It was soon evident Nick had a voyeuristic side to him. Hopefully this means we will get to see even more scenes from this sexy boy in videos to come.



Posted | March 29, 2012 in category

I'm sure most of you have dreamed of copping a feel of that sexy friend or even total stranger that you seen. This scene brings that fantasy to life. Tony is sound asleep when is friend can't restrain himself any longer and moves in for a little feel of his buds amazing smooth body. Soon his hands find their way down into his undies where he works his friend up a nice big boner.

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