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Men in Underwear

Daily posts featuring beautiful young guys model in their underwear before stripping naked and having gay sex.



Posted | October 09, 2011 in category

I love finding new sites and yesterday I stumbled onto the unique site RateTheseGuys. The amateur men on this site don't make money unless they turn you on and win your votes. So today I wanted to share with you one of the guys that caught my attention. His name is Travis and this hairy hunk knows how to put on a show. Travis seems to love showing off his beefy muscular body in this sometimes goof yet sexy amateur strip video. The guys on the site do a lot of teasing in their underwear wish I really loved. Once stripped down to just his white boxer briefs Travis really starts to work for our votes. As he performs you can see his dick grow larger in his tight briefs. Once he is fully nude Travis works his dick in all different positions. At one point in his video we find Travis bent over showing us his hairy bubble butt while stroking the big boner dangling between his legs. See Travis's video and vote for him or one of the other smoking hot men on this unique site.



Posted | October 05, 2011 in category

See More Of Ashton and Krist In Action Here

Today I have the share with you a amazing new video from the site UndieTwinks. Ashton and Krist are eager to get down and dirty in their underwear. The second Ashton's pants drop Krist has his hand down inside his undies. Once Ashton is rock hard Krist goes down and starts munching on the throbbing bulge in his briefs. Ashton then wants his turn at some undie munching and has Krist stand in front of him in his designer briefs as he goes to town on his dick. After a sexy intense dick munching scene these twinks are ready to blow and soon cum is oozing through their tight undies. What an amazing scene from these two sexy boys!



Posted | September 30, 2011 in category

See More Of Ronnie and His Bro Rex Jerking

Ronnie is a cute new addition to the beautiful military men on the Active Duty site. They met Ronnie hanging around a base on his off time and proposed to him an offer he couldn't refuse. He agreed to meet them at a local hotel and do a jerk off video. When he showed up at the hotel Ronnie came with a surprise. He brought his younger half-brother Rex him who was visiting him on base.

Ronnie was first to do his debut porn shoot. He stripped down to just his boxer briefs and laid back in bed and began rubbing his growing bulge. Ronnie reached down into his undies and began fondling himself getting his dick nice and hard before unleashing it for us to see. During his amazing solo Scene Ronnie even let the producer Mike teases his pink hole a little which brought him to his climax.

Next up came Ronnie's brother Rex who was eager to get naked as evident by the huge growing tent in his boxers. I wish I had some pictures of Rex to share with you here on my blog but I could get a hold of any yet. For now just visit the Active Duty site to see some more previews of both Ronnie and his brother Rex wanking their big dicks. Both of these boy have delectable young bodies and monster cocks that a simple amazing to watch on video.



Posted | September 25, 2011 in category

Download Robbie's Three Amazing Videos Here

A shower stall makes for a great backdrop when this sexy young soccer jock hop's in wearing just his tighty-whities!  Robbie is one scorching hot boy with a handsome face and a ripped slender body that is totally drool worthy! Robbie caresses his tone body as the water washes over his sculpted athletic torso and down into his briefs. Robbie then turns around and drops his wet undies letting us have a peek at his delicious bubble butt. By the time Robbie turns around his dick is rock hard bulging in his briefs and ready for it's debut!



Posted | September 23, 2011 in category ,

Super sexy Brazilian model Bernardo Velasco strips down for a photo shoot for The Boy. Except if he where maybe naked, I can't imagine this hunk looking any more sexy then he does wearing these red Aussiebum briefs with water streaming down his amazing ripped body. Enjoy Boys!



Posted | September 19, 2011 in category

Check Out Kyle Rickerds Amazing Solo Here

Adorable 19 year old Kyle Richerds has done more then a few porn videos in his young career. This stunning bleach blond twink has a big sexual appetite that he shares with us here in this incredibly sexy solo video. Kyle strips down to just his underwear and teases us by rubbing his smooth tan and tone young body seducing us with his lustful show. Kyle rubs his bulging briefs getting his dick rock hard before letting us take a look at it. Once he is sporting a big hard boner this boy gets busy pleasuring himself as we watch the show!



Posted | September 16, 2011 in category

Download Tom's Amazing Solo Show Here

Absolutely amazing is the best way to describe the boy I have to share with you in today's post. At only 18 Tom Faulk is one stunning sexy surfer boy with a high sex drive that he shows to us while he pleasures himself. Tom strips down to just his boxers letting us enjoy his amazing toned torso and washboard abs before finally showing us more.

This gorgeous teen is rock hard the second his dick comes into view for the first time. Next Tom starts humping the bed sheets letting us watch as his beautiful flawless ass pumps up and down into the bed. Next this horny boy gets onto all fours and starts jerking while at the same time giving us a nice close up view of his juicy surfer boy asshole.

Tom flips back over into bed and begins to more wildly jerk his shaft. Finally Tom's breathing becomes more heavy. With a load sigh he pumps out a nice big load of boy cream out onto himself.



Posted | September 12, 2011 in category

Watch All Of Anthony's Video Here

The guys from Broke Straight Boys picked up Anthony at a local gas station where he was looking for work. Back on the futon Anthony was quick to strip off his clothes. Once he had peeled off his shirt and jeans he started playing with himself though his plaid boxers. It wasn't long before his dick was tenting his underwear and ready for it's debut on camera. Once naked Anthony lubed up and started wanking his meat. Without even being asked too Anthony reached down and started running his finger around his hole. The next thing we know this lean twink has his legs hiked up on the futon and he begins finger fucking himself more aggressively all while he continued jerking off.



Posted | September 09, 2011 in category

Check Out The Preview Video Of Twins Micky and Ajay

Twin brothers are hot but for all of us with a undie fetish, watching stunning twin boys in bulging underwear is as hot as it gets. Micky and Ajay have amazing muscular frat boy bodies that are the very definition of male perfection. The brothers lift some weights together wearing just their white briefs so we can all enjoy their stunning physique.

The brothers got all horned up from their workout and before long their undies are tenting from their growing boners. They pop out their dicks and jerk a bit before heading inside to wash off their sweaty hot bods. 

We then join the brothers a third time laying on a giant white pillow wear matching white tank-tops and boxer briefs. They strip down naked once again and get busy with a amazing side by side dick wanking session.



Posted | September 05, 2011 in category

See What Happens When Rick Finally Pulls Off Kris's Briefs

Today scene features the oldest trick in the book for getting into someones pants. Kris complains of a back ache and his buddy Rick offers his skilled hands for a massage. It's doesn't take long before Rick's oiled hands to start to wonder from Kris's back to other more pleasureful locations of his body. Rick's hands then make their way down into Kris's briefs where he discovers that he is already sporting some serious wood. The next thing we know these two sexy gay studs are getting naked and ready to do the nasty. It turns out Rick's buddy Kris is one aggressive bottom as he begs for more and more cock in his ass.



Posted | September 01, 2011 in category

Watch The Free Trailer Of Cole And JT In Action

The scene I have for you today features Cole and JT in one amazing fucking scene. JT discovers his buddy Cole sleeping on the couch. JT wakes Cole up by pulling off his blanket to reveal he is only wearing a pair of sexy designer briefs. JT immediately starts rubbing Cole's bubble butt getting them both extremely horny. Cole rolls over and JT immediately grabs a big handful of the growing bulge in his briefs.

JT promises to make his dreams come true and reaches in to pull out his buddies cock. Soon Cole is moaning loudly as JT works his thick cock. JT then stands up and drops his jeans to expose his bulging AC trunks. Cole drops to his knees in front of him and slides his throbbing shaft into his mouth.

Once they were through worshiping each others cocks Cole tells JT to "ride his cock". Eager to take him up on the offer JT straddles Cole and slowly impales himself on his stiff pole. Soon the room is filled with the sounds of sex as these to horny boys pound away at each others ass.



Posted | August 29, 2011 in category

Download The Full Video Of Aiden and Cameron's Shower Scene

There's nothing like a steaming hot shower scene between to amazing studs to start your week. Aiden and Cameron's muscular bodies looks simply stunning while intertwined in a passionate embrace. The two men strip down to just their underpants and get in the shower together. The water runs down their ripped hard bodies and soaks their undies. Cameron was wearing black briefs which looked very sexy but didn't show off his manhood once wet quite as well as Aiden's did. Aiden's hard dick as clearly visible in his white wet briefs. Of course it also helped that Aiden's dick was substantially larger in both length and girth. Once naked the guys moved from making out to sucking each others shafts. Finally Aiden couldn't wait any longer and got Cameron in the perfect position to ram his fine tight ass in the shower. These guys put on one amazing gay shower scene that you just has to see for yourself.



Posted | August 26, 2011 in category

See Austin Get His Lips On Erick's Dick Here  

Just in time for the weekend I have for you two boys that can't wait to get their hands on each other. Erick is 20 and Austin is just 19 and horny as hell. They immediately jump into kissing and groping at each other when the camera starts recording.

Once they had stripped down, Austin's roaming hand had made it's way down into Erick's white briefs. As he fondled at Erick's ballsack, his own black undies started to tent from his growing boner. Austin couldn't wait any longer and pulled down the from of his shorts and out spring his dick ready for some attention. Taking Erick's dick into his mouth Austin soon had him moaning in ecstasy. With his legs spreed wide Erick pumped his shaft in and out of Austin's sucking mouth.

Next thing we know all of Austin's work paid off as Erick began to orgasm and explode cum all over his stomach and chest. These two boys looked quite hot together and I for one can't hardly wait to see more. Austin and Erick are sure to get you hard as well. Enjoy guys!



Posted | August 22, 2011 in category

Today's blog post is a real hunk of a man from New York City. Derek Atlas is 28 and is a muscle fitness model who has recently decided to give porn a try. Derek says he is straight but has been think of doing a bit of sexual experimentation with other men.

For his solo Derek starts off by giving us a bit of a strip tease. Derek looks to have just the perfect amount of body hair on his hard chest when he pulls off his shirt. Derek then drops his pants but leaves his boxer trunks on so we can admire his bulging package that looks so sexy on his muscular body.

Derek then turns around and tugs down the back of his underpants giving us a peek at his fine ass. He then turns back around and sneaks down his briefs revealing his lush pubes and finally his nicely sized tool. It doesn't take Derek long to work up a nice big bone for us and he gets down to the business of pumping out a load for the camera.



Posted | August 19, 2011 in category

Studying for those freshmen college exams never looked so sexy then when Preston Ettinger and Aaron West do it. Aaron catches his best buddy Preston in his room looking at Internet porn when he said he was studying for a college exam. Just seconds after entering the room Aaron is in bed with his buddy sucking face while they feel up each others hot horny twink bodies. They quickly trade sucking face for sucking dick when Preston helps Aaron out of his jeans and pulls out his dick from his tight sexy underwear. After their finished with exchanging blow jobs Preston makes his move to fuck his best friends welcoming smooth twink ass. The boys switch into a few different positions when all of Preston's hard work pays off and he fucks the cum out of Aaron. He then pulls out and straddles Aaron's face to deliver up a nice big cum shot directly into his best buds face.



Posted | August 15, 2011 in category

Today I wanted to share with you the newest video from "The Gay Pimp" Jonny McGovern. His new music video features loads of arousing nerdy boys shirtless and wearing sexy snug fitting briefs. The nerds in this video really have it going on!



Posted | August 10, 2011 in category

Find Daniel's Nut Busting Video Preview Here

If you like your meat dark then today's blog post featuring Daniel Press is really going to give you some movement in your pants. This handsome twink is 19 and has a beautiful lean muscular that he's eager to show to us all. Daniel gives us a tease as he strips off his cloths letting us slowly see more and more of his dark sexy body, all with that seductive come-hither look on his face. Daniel teases us even more when he pulls down the back of his jean so we can view his amazing hairy bubble butt. When he finally gets down to his gray boxer briefs we get to see what is to come as his dick grows inside his underwear.

Daniel finished teasing and was ready to give us the good as he finally got fully naked and we get to check out his thick black dick. He gives us a very impressive jerk-off scene and in the end even delivers a cum-shot that Daniel says is one of the largest he had ever shot. 



Posted | August 07, 2011 in category

Download A Preview Of This Hazing Video Here

If fraternity hazings where all like this, every gay man would be kicking down the doors to get in. For this newest video out of Haze Him the senior brothers are having the new pledges service them the Greek way by being fanned with palm leaves and  serving them drinks while wearing just their undies. On of the pledges spills there drinks and all the pledges are made to pay the price. There told to strip down to their undies then forced to under go all sorts or crazy frat hazing rituals, and that is just the start of it. The offending pledge is then told he must service the sexual needs of his pledge brothers and suck their dicks for them. As if that weren't enough humiliation for this straight dude he also gets his virgin ass tag teamed by the brothers.

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